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If your child is exhibiting behavioral issues, it can be hard to know how to respond, as there can be a number of different causes for these actions, and even more strategies to address behavioral challenges. Edwin P. Herd, MD, has the training and experience to help parents in the Kailua-Kona area of Hawaii determine the source of behavioral issues and devise a path toward improvements. When you’re ready to get started, schedule a visit with Dr. Herd. You can schedule an appointment online 24 hours a day, or simply call to check appointment availability.

Behavioral Issues Q & A

What are pediatric behavior disorders?

All children go through phases as they grow and develop, and sometimes these phases include behavioral challenges. However, some children struggle with serious behavioral disorders that require treatment. When evaluating your child’s behavior, it’s important to work with a skilled pediatrician like Dr. Herd who has experience in diagnosing and treating these issues.

Children under the age of five rarely display signs of a true behavioral disorder, and great care should be taken in diagnosing issues in this age range. In older children, the more common emotional and behavioral disorders include:

  • Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder
  • Oppositional defiant disorder
  • Anxiety disorder
  • Depression
  • Autism spectrum disorder
  • Bipolar disorder
  • Learning disorders

Parents of children with behavioral issues often feel anxious and overwhelmed, but there are treatment plans that can help.

What are childhood anxiety disorders?

Occasional bouts of anxiety are part of life, even for kids. Some kids, however, experience anxiety disorders that interfere with daily routines. Some of the more common types include:

  • Panic disorder, characterized by panic attacks and worry over attacks
  • Separation anxiety disorder, characterized by extreme anxiety when separated from loved ones
  • Social anxiety disorder, characterized by a fear of social or performance settings
  • Phobias, or intense fear of specific events or things
  • Selective mutism, characterized by refusing to speak in certain settings
  • Generalized anxiety disorder, characterized by anxiety in numerous settings

Each of these conditions can be treated using a combination of medication and various forms of therapy. Dr. Herd also works with parents to teach you how to support your child’s treatment at home.

Depression can also occur in children, and it can negatively impact their social, emotional, and educational experiences. Dr. Herd can evaluate your child and determine how to treat depression if necessary.

What if I suspect my child is autistic?

An estimated one out of every 59 children have an autism spectrum disorder. Because no two kids share the exact same experience of autism, it can be hard for parents to determine if their child’s behavior requires treatment. Early identification, however, can help your child find the right treatment path, and improve their outcomes.

If you notice your child struggling with social or emotional issues, delayed verbal skills, or behavioral abnormalities, book an appointment with Dr. Herd for a full diagnostic evaluation and a customized treatment plan. You can set up a visit online or by phone.