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Corona virus and our office

Updated: Oct 24, 2020

In light of COVID risks,  We are seeing our scheduled routine well baby-well child preventive visits first in the morning, our non infectious sick or injured patients next and then our patients with fever are seen after all non-infectious patients are discharged from the office.

Rapid COVID Testing can be done at our office just prior to a patient being seen should our telephone screening indicate the need. We use the gentle nose swab testing ( not the deep nasal/throat test). Once tested, we have results in 20 minutes and a negative test lets us bring a child with fever/cough into the office to be seen while keeping other patients and staff safe. ( See COVID TESTING in the home menu bar for more information on testing )

All patients and appointment types need to be confirmed by you calling our office the day of the appointment. That call will allow us to do additional screening before we confirm your child's appointment.

When you come to our office, the door will be locked and you will see signs on our door. ( see the pics above). Knock on the door and we will be right with you.

All patients will have screening again at the door to our office before coming in to the office itself including a non-touch temperature check.

We are seeing no "walk in" patients at our office. You must have an appointment and have have that appointment confirmed to be seen in our office.

Via our telephone screening, patients who are currently Coronavirus test positive and/or in quarantine for COVID will not be seen in our office.

We love you all and know that we can help each other through this challenging time.

Dr Eddie Herd and amazing staff

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