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Back to School tips from a pediatrician

Back to School tips from a pediatrician.

Before the first day back:

Let your child see where the class rooms are, the bathrooms are, the cafeteria is etc.

-If this is not a new school for your child, still being back on school grounds a few days before the first official day of school for a brief visit can be helpful. The visit can help start conversations that focus on what he/she might feel confident about in going back and what he/she is concerned about in going back.

-Play on the playground days before school starts. Nothing like fun on school grounds to calm a few nerves.

-Make plans to travel to school with a buddy and/or make a friend before school that you will travel with together on the first few days. Nothing like sharing the joy as well as the fears with someone you brought along with you as a friend.

“Sleep oh precious sleep”

-Get back into the sleep schedule of school, days ahead of the first day of school. This helps eliminate the sleepy, grumpy, just not going to go well because your child’s body needs more rest but has to wake up for school monster out of the back to school challenges.

-Make sure your child knows what the routine for after school will be. Who will be picking them up? Let your child tour the facility, home or other that he/she will staying at after school. If you know another child who will be at the same place after school, consider getting them together days before their first day of school.

“Pack and pick it together”

-Have your child help you make and pack lunch the night before the first day. You know having them involved will take longer but helps them become invested in the success of the day ahead.

-Check on what they plan on wearing on the first day. Is it appropriate for school? Will it bring too much attention to them?

I hope some of this is helpful for you and your child. Please share some of your tips for smooth and successful back to school.


Dr Eddie Herd MD

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