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Vaccine 5 years old and up. 


 Results in 20 minutes

Gentle Nose Only Swab



COVID VACCINE:  We are scheduling our current patients 5 years old and up year for our in-office Pfizer COVID vaccinations.  Please call our office to schedule a vaccination appointment.


Being or becoming vaccinated against COVID is not mandatory to be a patient in our practice.  Wearing a mask while in our office is required for children 3 years of age and older.  We know this is a challenge but it is a worthy goal.


We know that some parents and caregivers will not be ready to have their child be vaccinated against COVID 19 for a variety of reasons.  We respect that.   We also want you to know that we are not able to resolve disagreements between parents/caregivers when one party wants their child to receive the vaccine and one party does not.  


COVID TESTING: Your child has a cough, a fever and you want them to be seen by their doctor today:

We are doing rapid COVID testing that is a simple nasal swab ( just liked the simple Flu testing we have done for years here at our office).  Our usual screening questions help identify who should and can be tested at our office and we direct you on how the testing will be done.  You wait in your car in the office parking lot after the testing and we let you know the results in less than 20 minutes.  With a COVID test result that is negative, we can bring you and your child into the office to be seen by Dr Herd to help determine the non-COVID cause of your child's fever, cough etc.  


For Dr Herd's registered patients and Dr Derieg's registered patients our office will bill your child's health insurance company for the cost of testing.  For family members that are not our registered patients, the cost of the test will need to be paid prior to doing testing.

As with any testing or service at our office for registered patients, if your insurance company does not pay for the testing,  are responsible for to pay for the cost of testing.


Mahalo for being understanding of each others views and treating each other with respect,

Dr Herd

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